The Story of Light Up

The North Pole has confirmed that Louisville will be stop number two on Santa’s World Tour. Santa will begin his World Tour with his traditional Thanksgiving Day parade ride in New York City, and then on to Louisville, Kentucky on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

His flight to Louisville from New York will be closely monitored on radar by the flight operations crew at Louisville International Airport.

Due to strict security and the need for a short rest, the exact landing area at the airport will not be disclosed and the airport ramp area will be closed to press and cameras. Santa and his reindeer will not make a public appearance at the airport.

Three Louisville Police cars will escort the World’s most famous VIP into downtown Louisville. Santa will ride atop his personal float that was designed and built in 1945 by the North Pole Operations Design Group. They designed the float to provide Santa with a high level perch, so the growing number of “Baby Boomers” could see him in the crowds!

The float, referred to as “Mr. C’s Floating Chair” by the North Pole group, will arrive in Louisville by UPS a couple days ahead of Santa’s arrival.

will present Mayor Greg Fischer with his traditional “Magic Plug” and together they will insert the plug into the city’s largest electrical socket. With that action, the entire downtown area will come alive with more holiday lighting and fireworks than ever before!