Code Enforcement Board


The Code Enforcement Board was implemented in January, 2005 as an appeal mechanism for a civil procedure rather than a criminal procedure through the courts. To provide a more efficient process, it allows citizens to appeal a Notice of Violation or Citation issued that they believe was in error.

Presently the Code Enforcement Board hears appeals for animal, electrical, HVAC, building, noise, false alarm, sign, smoking, and solid waste citations/violation notices and for booking fee and System Development Charge refunds.

The recipient of a Citation/Violation Notice has seven (7) days from the date of the notice in which to request an appeal before the Board. Upon receipt of the request the Administrative Staff will schedule the hearing providing the individual with a Notice of Hearing, by mail, stating the date, time and place of the hearing.

The CEB has the authority to:

  • Adopt rules and regulations to govern its operation and conduct its hearings
  • Determine if a violation of a Metro Ordinance over which it has jurisdiction was committed
  • Subpoena alleged violators, witnesses and evidence to its hearings
  • Hear testimony
  • Make findings of fact and issue orders necessary to remedy any violation of Metro Ordinance or Code provision
  • Impose civil fines


The Code Enforcement Board meets every Friday: 
beginning at 9:30 am until complete.
Old Jail Building Auditorium
514 W. Liberty St
The order is which cases are called will be determined by
the order in which the appellants sign the sign in sheet.