DHBC Formal Interpretation Building Envelope

Although this text is in the current code this understanding is newly clarified for us by the DHBC. As such we have adopted the following policies:

    1. To be most equitable we will begin enforcing this requirement for projects for which building permits are issued November 1, 2011 forward.
    2. Projects permitted prior to November 1 will be allowed to be completed and installed as currently designed.
    3. As we rarely see hvac duct layouts at the plan review stage for residential projects we will not make this a new submittal requirement but we will advise applicants of this interpretation and make copies of the interpretation available.
    4. If there is an insulation product or method that provides the required insulation value in the wall while maintaining the ductwork in the wall we will need to see it at plan review stage.
    5. Our field inspectors will be trained on this item and will be looking for this at Framing and HVAC rough-in inspections.

      View Complete DHBC Interpretation (PDF)