Construction Permit Map Help

Here are the most popular questions we receive about using our construction permit map:

  1. The construction map shows only "open" permits. What does "open" mean?

    A permit is considered “Open” when the project for which it is issued is still active and in the process of completion. Once a project is completed, final inspections have been made, and the project deemed to be in compliance with applicable regulations it is closed. Some permits may remain “Open” for an extended period of time as long as some work is occurring at the site. A permit may also be considered “Open” if there are other permits or approvals associated with it that are also “Open.” For example a building permit for a home will also have an associated Electrical Permit.

  2. When do I need a building (electrical/hvac) permit?

    In general, a permit is needed for all new construction and major exterior work, such building additions, fences, driveways, garages and other accessory structures such as storage buildings. Before beginning a project, property owners are advised to check with our department, as some projects may have different requirements. Learn more on our Construction Review page.

  3. How can I see all of the construction permits that have been issued for an address?

    The data displayed on our construction permit map shows currently open permits. To see a 5-year history of permits issued from today's date, click here.