Start Online Permitting Now Click Here. Instructions for using the Online Permitting System

HVAC Master Permit

All permit types available under the HVAC Master Permit are mixed in the Job Details screen. You should only complete the information for the Work Type you selected on the previous screen. You can not mix Work Types with the Job Details. For instance, you can not get a permit for an HVAC permit and a Solid Fuel permit together. You must go the the application process for each permit type.

To complete the detail for HVAC fixtures you must click on the "click here" link at the end of the sentence.

Once clicked a new window will pop up.

First choose the type of fixtures to be installed from the drop down.

Pick the equipment type from the next drop down.

Enter the number of units to be installed.

The next four fields are optional, complete these fields as needed.

Once you have completed all the necessary fields click the Insert button.

When you click the insert button the information for the fixture will appear on the right portion of the window in the gold area.

Repeat this process until all fixtures have been inserted. Each time you click insert the fixture will be added to the list on the right.

When your finished inserting fixtures click the Close button.

When you close the window the information will be transferred to the Job Detail screen.

If you need to make changes you can click on the Edit link to the right of each fixture. Or click delete to remove it from the list. If you need to add additional fixtures click the "click here" link above the fixture to reopen the fixtures window.

Leave the Range Hood, Solid Fuel and Mechanical Refrigeration fields blank. (You can not mix application types as previously stated.)

Range Hood

Range Hood permits can only be taken online for Range Hoods that do not contain a suppression system. If your Range Hood contains a suppression system the application must be made in person with plans for the Range Hood and suppression system.

To obtain a permit for a Range Hood(s) without suppression, just enter the number of Range Hoods to be installed.

(If at launch the field for the "Number with Suppression" exists, do not use this field, the permit will not be recognized as valid.)

Solid Fuel

Enter the number of Solid Fuel appliances being installed.


Enter the number of Refrigeration Units and the Tons of the Units.

Enter the owners phone number so the inspector can contact the owner to gain access if you will not be on the site during the inspection.

Enter the subdivision and lot number and the associated building permit number if any. These are not required for rewires/burnouts. This is to help with the Certificate of Occupancy issuance for the overall project.

After completing all the applicable fields click next.

A confirmation screen will be loaded. Review the information that was submitted. If anything needs to be changed click the Previous button  to back up to the point where changes are needed. If all information is correct click the Finish button.

The system will check the application after you have clicked "Finish". If there is a problem with the application, the problem will be displayed on the page and a link will be provided for you to go back and correct the problem.

Click the link below for Fee Payment Instructions.

Fee Payment