Main Committee

Committee Members 
  • Jim Mims- Codes and Regulations- (Chairperson)
  • Dena First - Codes and Regulations (Project Manager)
  • Steve Porter - Attorney
  • Gail Lively - Louisville Apartment Association
  • Chuck Kavanaugh - Home Builders Association
  • Tom Fitzgerald -Kentucky Resources Council
  • Bill Bardenwarper - Attorney
  • Gabe Fritz - The Housing Partnership
  • Tina Ward-Pugh - Councilwoman
  • Deborah Bilitski - Attorney
  • Tommy Clark - Mayor's Office
Meeting Dates
4/11/2011 Agenda Minutes The Mission (1.09MB)
Transition Team Report (788 KB)
No Need for Speed
Citizen Comment
Cultural Resources Proposal (971 KB)
5/9/2011 Agenda Minutes
6/6/2011 Agenda Minutes
6/20/2011 Agenda  Interview/Data Gathering Final Report
 Process Review Final Report
 Best Practices Final Report
6/27/2011 Agenda
7/12/2011 Agenda  Jims Mims' Recommendations
 Steve Porter's Recommendations
 Gale Lively's Recommendations
 Chuck Kavanaugh's Recommendations
 Bill Bardenwarper's Recommendations
 Gabe Fritz's Recommendations
 Deborah Bilitski's Recommendations
                         Core Team Final Report

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