2012 Louisville Vacant, Abandoned, and Under Utilized Property Summit: THE OUTCOME

Below are two sets of information gathered from the Housing Summit held on April 28, 2011. 

This first set is the raw data taken directly from the flip charts during each session of the Housing Summit. Click Here.

This second set of data is organized and includes numbers next to each item.  These numbers show how many times the item was mentioned during the Housing Summit.  Click Here.

The main themes gathered from the 2011 Summit will be referenced at the upcoming 2012 Summit.

     Committee Members

Codes & Regulations 

  • Jim Mims
  • Mary McGuire 
  • Dena First
  • Beth Bishop
  • Sally Jessel
  • John Flood

Planning and Design Services

  • Lee Wells

County Attorney's Office

  • John Schardein
  • JoAnn Burke
  • Susan Jones

Community Services &
Revitilization/  Landbank

  • Jeana E. Dunlap
  • Paul Mastrolia
  • Diane Fields
Mayor Office Legislations Liaison

  • Pat Mulvihill
  • Ron Weston
  • Sara McGown
Mayor's Office
  • Tommy Clark 
  • Althea Jackson

Economic Development

  • Patti Clare
  • Theresa Zawacki
  • Rebecca Fleischaker

Public Works

  • Greg Hicks
  • Judy Hettich

OMB/ Risk Management

  • Leslie Faust


  • Tony Peyton