16. Security



It is the responsibility of an event producer to provide adequate security for an event. The type and location of the event, presence of alcoholic beverages, availability of sufficient Louisville Metro Police personnel and other factors will determine the amount of security needed at any event.

Louisville Metro may require an event producer to provide private security, hire off-duty police officers or reimburse Louisville Metro for expenses it incurs by providing on-duty police officers for security, traffic control and crowd control.

The Louisville Metro Police Department and the Louisville Division of Fire or Suburban Fire District having jurisdiction will have the exclusive right and responsibility to determine the extent of police protection and private security protection at an event.

The Louisville Metro Police Command Staff and Fire Marshal assigned to a particular event will have sole discretion in all matters pertaining to security, traffic and crowd control at Special Events in the Louisville Metro area.

Louisville Metro Government will not accept responsibility for providing on-duty personnel for the following needs at events:

Gate security
Beer/alcohol sales security
Security for VIPs and celebrities
Security for money handling
Stage security
Overnight security or security outside event hours
Private parking lot security
Security for event equipment trailers supplies, etc.

Police services may be available to events for a fee.

For further information, contact:

Louisville Metro Police Department
Support Operations/Special Events Division
768 Barret Avenue
Louisville, KY 40204

(502) 574-7454
(502) 574-2149 fax