18. Site Maps

Anyone planning to host an event in Louisville Metro must attach a Site Map of the event to the Special Event Permit Application before submitting it to the Louisville Metro Codes and Regulations Department/Permits and Licenses Division.

A Site Map should define the event area being permitted and include all of the following features and information, if applicable:

  • All affected streets, alleys and rights-of-way, including those that will be closed;
  • Alternate routes for traffic and buses, if streets are going to be closed;
  • Location of all barricades that will be used;
  • Location of all traffic control devices;
  • Location of all tents and temporary structures that will be erected;
  • Location of all vendors - fixed and mobile;
  • Sources of electrical supply and service, including permanent electrical power sources and portable generators;
  • Location of all dumpsters and trash receptacles;
  • Location and layout of tables, chairs, picnic tables, etc., that will be used;
  • Location of any stages that will be used or placed;
  • Entrances and exits;
  • Designated parking areas;
  • Permanent and portable restroom facilities;
  • Signage and banners that will be hung or installed.

Copies of the event's Site Map will be shared with the Codes and Regulations Department/Permits and Licenses Division, Louisville Metro Public Works Department, Louisville Metro Police Department and any other Louisville Metro departments that are appropriate.