4. Barricades



If an event requires closure of streets or public rights-of-ways, proper barricades and signage are required.

An event producer who wants to close public streets or rights-of-ways for an event must submit an application for a Special Event Permit to the Louisville Metro Codes and Regulations Department/Permits and Licenses Division at least 90 days prior to an event, along with a Site Map showing where barricades, traffic control devices and signs are proposed for the event.
(See Special Event Permits, Section 1; Site Maps, Section 18)

Event producers are responsible for renting barricades for their events and paying all costs of renting, insuring and transporting barricades to and from an event site.
(Note: while event organizers are responsible for paying the costs of all barricades and signage, the Louisville Metro Police Department will determine the placement of all barricades and signage.)

As stated above, placement of barricades and signage on Louisville Metro streets and rights-of-ways must be coordinated with and approved by the Louisville Metro Police Department Support Operations and Louisville Metro Public Works Department.

All signage and barricades must comply with the Louisville Metro Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Barricades can be rented from private companies.
(See Louisville Event Resource Guide for company listings)

Event barricades and signage must be removed immediately after an event to ensure that Louisville Metro streets and rights-of-ways are reopened to traffic as soon as possible.