8. Electrical Services



The Electrical Maintenance Section of Louisville Metro Public Works Department may be able to provide limited electrical service to special events at specific locations or public venues. If you are interested in hosting a festival or event in a Louisville Metro owned venue, contact that venue for information about electrical services available at that location.
(See Venues - Louisville Metro, Section 22)

Event producers should consult directly with Electrical Maintenance Section officials to discuss all electrical needs for their event (this includes the number of vendors, amperage needs of each vendor, needs for electrical service for lights, sound systems, etc.). The event producers should work with these officials to show electrical service information on the Site Map of the event.

Electrical Maintenance Section cannot provide generators, light towers or extension cords for events.

If you would like to request stand-by electricians from Louisville Metro for your event, you may do so on your Special Event Permit application, but you will be charged the appropriate hourly rate for their services.

Event producers must obtain permission from a venue's owner to tap into any private power source.

Event producers must contact the Codes and Regulations Department and Electrical Maintenance Section prior to installing and operating any electrical service at an event (see contact information below). An Electrical Permit and electrical inspection may be required before a Special Event Permit is issued by the Codes and Regulations Department/Permits and Licenses Division.

The Waterfront Development Corporation requires that event producers contract with a Waterfront Development Corporation-approved electrical contractor for electrical services for events at Waterfront Park. Other Louisville Metro owned venues may require that they approve electrical service providers at their venues as well.

The costs of using electrical panels and electrical supply sources at Waterfront Park and other Louisville Metro owned venues must be paid by the event producers.

For further information, contact:

Louisville Metro Codes and Regulations Department
Permits and Licenses Division
444 S. Fifth Street Suite 101
Louisville, KY 40202

(502) 574-3321
(502) 574-5245 fax


Contact IPL

Louisville Metro Public Works Department
Electrical Maintenance Section
636 E. Gray Street
Louisville, KY 40202

(502) 574-3261
(502) 574-4132 fax

Waterfront Development Corporation
129 E. River Road
Louisville, KY 40202

(502) 574-3768
(502) 574-4111 fax



Louisville Metro Parks
Athletics/Field Rentals
(at Louisville Tennis Center in Joe Creason Park)
3783 Illinois Avenue
Louisville, KY 40213

(502) 456-8171
(502) 456-8168 fax