9. Emergency Medical Service



Louisville Metro Emergency Medical Services (LMEMS) will provide EMS coverage for special events across our community. Our goal is to ensure that citizens and visitors attending festivals or special events are provided the best in emergency medical coverage.

If you would like to request EMS coverage for your event, you may do so on your Special Event Permit. This will help LMEMS determine what type of EMS staffing will be required. This determination will be based on the expected number of attendees, any special needs or risk factors involved and the nature of the event. Please note that the application for a Special Event Permit requires at least the following levels of coverage:

EMS coverage must be provided at all events defined as "major events."

  • Expected attendance up to 5,000 - one EMS crew
  • Expected attendance 5,000 to 15,000 - two EMS crews
  • Expected attendance more than 15,000 - three EMS crews

Please use LMEMS as a resource in developing your event plans, and remember to involve LMEMS as early as possible so that you can plan your event budget and logistics around the level of coverage appropriate to ensure safety for your attendees.

LMEMS reserves the right to refuse coverage at an event if minimal staffing requirements are not mutually agreed upon, or if inadequate notice is given regarding coverage needs. We will need at least 15 days advanced notice from the date of your event to be able to provide EMS coverage.

Event planners hiring LMEMS to cover their special events will be asked to enter into a contract that defines the event dates and times, and the number of units needed for adequate coverage. It should also set forth the costs for those services. LMEMS will submit a bill for those services to the event producer after the event. Any changes in the event date, time, location, etc. must be communicated to LMEMS as soon as possible. LMEMS reserves the right to refuse EMS coverage if critical event information that could affect that coverage is not communicated in enough time to re-evaluate safety needs.

Emergency medical services that are available for a fee from LMEMS are:

  • ALS Ambulance
    A dedicated, fully-equipped ambulance staffed with at least one paramedic and one emergency medical technician.

  • ALS Bike Team
    At least one paramedic and one emergency medical technician on bicycles (particularly useful for large crowds in areas with little or no vehicle accessibility).

  • BLS Ambulance
    A dedicated, fully-equipped ambulance staffed with two emergency medical technicians.

  • BLS Bike Team
    Two emergency medical technicians on bicycles (particularly useful for large crowds in areas with little or no vehicle accessibility).

These services include the following:

  • The LMEMS crew will be assigned to the event and will not be available to make emergency calls outside of the event venue. Event producers will not be charged travel time to and from the event, however LMEMS will charge the standard Louisville Metro Government mileage reimbursement rate. If additional crews are required, they will be provided at their designated hourly rate.
  • LMEMS reserve the right to require the producer of a festival or event to provide hydration stations (non-alcoholic beverages) at an outdoor event if the combination of temperature and humidity are 85 degrees and above. The number of hydration stations required will be based on the anticipated size of the event and expected attendance.
  • If any sort of mass casualty incident occurs at an event which causes large numbers of attendees to need medical attention, the producer of the festival or event shall bear the costs of additional LMEMS personnel and equipment required at the scene according to the rates listed above.

For further information, contact:

Louisville Metro Codes and Regulations Department
Permits and Licenses Division
444 S. Fifth Street Suite 101
Louisville, KY 40202

(502) 574-3321
(502) 574-5245 fax


Contact IPL

Louisville Metro Emergency Medical Services
437 S. Third Street
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