eCustomer Services


We offer four areas of online customer service applications, pertaining to development permitting and property maintenance. Below are links to each service. 

Permit Reporting
This service allows you to create reports of all Development Permits within our database (e.g., a report of all new single family residences issued for the month of February 2004).

Open Record Request
For information on what an Open Record Request is and how to make a request click here.

Online Permitting (Electrical & HVAC / Inspection Request
This service allows only registered contractors to obtain permits online and to request inspections for permits previously issued.

Permit Search
This service allows anyone to search our database of permits issued, view inspections results and print Certificates of Occupancy.

To search for the status of complaints about construction being done w/out permit use the Property Maintenance Case Search link below.

Property Maintenance Case Search
This service allows you to search and review our database of Property Maintenance cases including violation notices, penalties and up to the minute inspection results. You can also search the database for the status of complaints of construction without a permit.

Vacant Structure & Vacant Lot Reporting
Search our database for Vacant Structures and/or Vacant Lots by using the report generator.  You can define your search for specific neighborhoods or Louisville Metro Council Districts.  Click the link below to open the report generation page.