Procedure for Restoration of Electrical Power in Flooded Areas

The Louisville/Jefferson County Department of Codes and Regulations has developed this set of guidelines to follow in order to restore power to businesses and residences in areas affected by the recent flood.

  1. Restoration of Service. If the electrical service/power supplying the structure was submerged the service will be turned off by LG&E.

    1. If service equipment was submerged or damaged a permit must first be obtained from the Department of Codes and Regulations to make any necessary repairs. An inspection of the work shall be performed by an electrical inspector of Codes and Regulations. Once the work passes inspection, the electrical inspector will contact LG&E to restore the power.

    2. If no equipment was submerged or damaged please call 502-574-3321 between the hours of 7:30am till 4:30pm Monday - Friday in order to schedule an inspection by an electrical inspector to verify that there is no damage to the electrical system. Once the condition of the electrical system has been verified the inspector will contact LG&E to re-connect the electrical service.

  2. Necessary Repairs. All electrical equipment such as electrical panels, breakers, receptacles, switches, lights, and appliances that were submerged in water or has been damaged must be replaced according to the current national electrical code. If the electrical service was submerged an electrical permit must be obtained from us and an inspection performed before power can be restored to the structure.

  3. Getting a permit.

    1. Electrical Contractor - A permit may also be obtained by a licensed electrical contractor hired by the owner. A licensed electrical contractor has the ability to obtain permits online outside of normal business hours.

    2. Home Owner's permit - If the residence is occupied by the owner, the owner may obtain the permit from our office between the hours of 7:30am till 4:00pm to perform the work themselves. The fee for a residential permit including one inspection is $50.00.

  4. Boat slips/docks that are inaccessible because of high water and are fed from a residence must be disconnected from the residence until the water has receded enough to make any necessary repairs and electrical inspections.

For questions about these procedures please call 502-574-3321.