Codes & Regulations Maps

Metro Codes and Regulations is making it easier for residents and business to map property maintenance cases, find active alcohol, beverage & control (ABC) licenses and find construction permits on a map!

Property Maintenance Mapping
The property maintenance mapping tool displays currently open cases in Louisville on a easy to find map.  Clickable icons offer detailed information, such as case type, location, date and a link to the full case history for even more detail. Users can also see detailed information in a list below the map. The map defaults to show one week of data and allows for uses to change the date range and filter for different time frames. The map lets you zoom and pan or enter an address.

Alcohol, Beverage & Control License Mapping
The alcohol, beverage & control (ABC) license mapping tool shows currently active licenses in Louisville. Detailed information, including the license type, location and expiration date can be found by clicking on the map icons, or by scrolling down to see the information in a list. Users can enter an address, including city and state, and click "Center Here" to see licenses around that address. Codes & Regulations issues ABC Licenses for the following:

  • Temporary ABC License (Example: street fair)
  • Alcohol Beverage License (Annual)
  • Pawn Brokers
  • Outdoor Advertising Signs (All local billboards)
  • Homeless Shelters

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Construction Permits Mapping
Our construction review permit shows currently open electrical and HVAC permits in Louisville. The map allows users to filter the data by single family, multi family, industrial, commercial and miscellaneous, and clickable icons show the full detail of the open permit. Permits are also displayed in a list below the map.