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Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund


Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund...Open the Door

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June 30, 2014

LAHTF Revolving Loan Fund 2014 RFP Application

LAHTF Revolving Loan Fund 2014 RFP Guidelines & Information

The LAHTF maintains a rolling deadline.  Applications received on or before the 10th of the month will be evaluated for funding in the same month.  Applications received after the 10th will be considered in the following month.

Applications, including all required attachments, must be submitted electronically to LAHTF at  No hard copies are accepted. 
The application fee must also be received, via hand delivery or mail, by the LAHTF at the time of application submission.  Send application fee to:  LOUISVILLE METRO AFFORDABLE HOUSING TRUST FUND, 1469 South Fourth Street, Third Floor, Louisville, KY 40208

April 6, 2014
Join the Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund in volunteering to support The Fuller Center’s 2014 Legacy Build by coming out and helping rehab six houses to create new homes for those in our community. Get the volunteer form here (1.4 MB PDF file).

October 3, 2013
Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund Releases First Funds for Affordable Housing (PDF File)

June 2013
Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Business Plan

Needs Assessment Press Conference PowerPoint (6MB file)
What is the LAHTF?

What is the need for an AHTF in Louisville?
LAHTF Recommends Insurance Premium Tax Increase as Revenue Source (Jan. 2013)

An Assessment of Affordable Housing Needs in Louisville
View (5 mb PDF file)

What is the Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund?
The LAHTF was created by Metro Council in 2008 as the way for the Louisville to invest additional local public funds to address the affordable housing shortage for working families whose wages are not enough to live in Metro Louisville; for people on fixed incomes like seniors and people with serious disabilities; for young families starting out; and for veterans. A place to call home opens the door to opportunity, and the whole community does better when everyone has a decent place to call home.

What does the LAHTF do?
The Trust facilitates the development and rehabilitation of decent, affordable housing by making grants and loans, providing technical support, and enabling builders and developers to construct affordable housing with less financial risk.

Who can apply for a grant or loan from The LAHTF?
The LAHTF makes a grants and loans to for-profit and not-for-profit developers, not to individuals.

Does the LAHTF grant or loan money for the rehabilitation of vacant buildings?
Yes. The LAHTF has programs especially for the rehabilitation of vacant houses and apartments, as this is a top priority identified in our 2012 Needs Assessment.

How does The Trust get the money to do its work?
The Trust has received one-time allocations from Louisville Metro Government and from corporate and individual donations. However, the Trust still lacks the key component that defines all housing trust funds – a source of dedicated ongo­ing public revenue. The Board of Directors recommends an increase to the insurance premium tax as that dedicated source. With a 1% increase in the insurance premium tax, Louisville will establish an estimated $10.15 million annually in dedicated public revenue for the LAHTF to help struggling families and individuals.

How does The Trust use the money?
The LAHTF is designed to be flexible and respond to evolving community needs by giving grants and/or loans for affordable housing-related activities. Funding decisions are guided by the needs of the community, which are outlined in our 2012 Needs Assessment, and by LMCO 40.41-45. Decisions are made by a 13-member Board of Directors representative of the community, appointed by the Mayor and approved by Metro Council.

Our current funding priorities are included in the 2012 Needs Assessment, pp 29-31, briefly:

  1. Make existing homes in Louisville affordable and sustainable through energy-efficient rehabilitation of housing and the inclusion of green building principles
  2. Develop affordable rental housing for the lowest-income families
  3. Create additional affordable homes near places of employment and in neighborhoods that need workforce housing
  4. Increase homeownership opportunities through home buyer education, down payment assistance, reducing the cost of construction or rehab of single family homes, and assistance connecting homeowners to low-interest, no-interest, or forgivable partial loans
  5. Prevent Louisvillians from losing existing otherwise-affordable homes through foreclosure prevention, supportive housing services, and accessible rehabilitation
  6. Promote housing choice in all three rings of the city

Who benefits?
Stable, decent, affordable housing for working families benefits homeowners, renters, neighborhoods, business and the community at large:

I know some people who need a home they can afford. Can they call The Trust?
The Trust can provide a variety of information to potential homeowners or renters, but The Trust does not lend to individuals.

Where can I get more information on The Trust's programs?
Call us at (502) 637 – 5372.

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Also visit us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and sign up for our email newsletter.

Q: How can I help The Trust help my community?

A: The Louisville Metro Affordable Housing Trust Fund, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation that welcomes charitable contributions of currency and/or property.

For more information contact:

Rachel M. Hurst
Executive Director
Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund
1469 South Fourth Street, 3rd Floor
Louisville, KY 40208
502-637-5372 office

Archived Documents/Announcements

LAHTF Receives $250,000 in KY’s National Mortgage Settlement Funds

LAHTF Affordable Housing Trust Fund Announces Executive Director Rachel M. Hurst

LAHTF Releases 2012 Needs Assessment and Celebrates $450,000 in Additional Funding with Mayor Fischer

Related Information

All documents are in PDF format and viewable with the free Adobe Reader.

Watch Online
November 20, 2012
Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund releases needs assessment & funding announcement.
View video

LAHTF Endorsement List
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LAHTF Timeline

Code of Ethics of the LAHTF
Ethics guidelines for board members of the LAHTF, adopted by the LAHTF board on 12/31/2011.

2012 LAHTF Strategic Plan
Shares the mission, vision, values, and goals of the LAHTF for 2012.

An Assessment of Affordable Housing Needs in Louisville
View (5 mb PDF file)

Economic Impact of the LAHTF
A local analysis of the economic benefit to Louisville of investing $1 million in affordable housing construction, including initial one-year impact and annual ongoing impact of having the units occupied. Based on the National Association of Home Builders study, and modified to reflect Louisville-specific numbers.

Mayoral Task Force Documents
An Assessment and Recommendations for the Creation and Funding of an Affordable Housing Trust Fund, published by Louisville Metro Government in 2006. The official report of then-Mayor Jerry Abramson's Affordable Housing Trust Fund Task Force, which was formed at the mayor's request to study the issue and provide recommendations. The Task Force unanimously recommended the creation of a Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund receiving $10 million annually in dedicated ongoing public revenue, serving those at or below 80% of Area Median Income, with a governing board representative of the community, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Metro Council.

August 2009 Addendum to Mayoral Task Force Document, published August 2009. The Mayor's Task Force reconvened, at the request of Metro Council, to provide recommendations about how the LAHTF could best move forward since the city's Housing Department elected not to administer the Trust. The Task Force again unanimously issued the same recommendations, and advised a separate organization be formed to administer the Trust.

LAHTF Ordinance
LMCO 40.41-40.45.

Board of Directors

2013 IRS Form 990