National Crime Information Center and Validations


The National Crime Information Center (NCIC Unit) is responsible for the entry and accurate dissemination of National Crime Information Center (NCIC), Law Information Network of Kentucky (LINK), and the National Law Enforcement Telecommunication System (NLETS) criminal justice information.
MetroSafe NCIC operators enter criminal justice information reported to the Louisville Metro Police Department, and the information is available 24 hours daily to any law enforcement agency in all fifty states, U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada, and Puerto Rico via the systems listed above.
The records maintained include wanted, missing, and unidentified persons, sexual offenders, protective orders, foreign fugitive, gang and terrorist organizations, convicted persons on supervised release, stolen vehicles, license plates, articles, securities, boats and stolen/recovered/lost guns.  In 2009 NCIC started entering persons into the Identity Theft file.  NCIC was the first in the Commonwealth of Kentucky to utilize this file.
The NCIC Unit handles approximately 108,000 message transactions each month including nearly 1500 record entries.


CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Systems) related activities are supported by the Validations Unit which ensures accuracy, timeliness and consistency of approximately six hundred (600) records monthly, per consultation with the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), KSP (Kentucky State Police), agency sworn members, the victims and courts.
In addition to maintaining accurate entries, supporting records must also be maintained to substantiate the entry. In review, both the FBI and KSP routinely audit the records maintained.

If you have received a letter from NCIC/Validations, you must fill it out and return it within the time specified, or the record will be removed from the system.

The letter can be:
Mailed: 410 S. 5th St, Louisville, Kentucky, 40202
Faxed: (502) 572-3596
Scanned and e-mailed: NCIC/Validations