Hazardous Materials Incident Preparation

Hazardous materials incident preparedness tips

Hazardous Materials are substances that, because of their chemical, physical, or biological properties, pose a potential risk to health, property, or the environment.

Preparing For A Hazardous Materials Incident:
Be aware of the methods used to warn you of a hazardous materials incident. These methods include:
  • Outdoor Warning Sirens
  • Emergency Alert System
  • NOAA Weather Radio
  • Announcements on Cable Television and local news broadcasts.
  • Tune to 1610 AM for emergency information.
What To Do In Case Of A Hazardous Materials Incident
  • If you witness a hazardous materials release, report it immediately by calling 9-1-1.
  • Do not enter the area contaminated by the hazardous material or cloud.
  • Avoid any contact with the hazardous material or cloud.
  • If you hear a warning signal or sirens, turn on your radio or television for emergency information. Follow all instructions carefully.
  • If you are asked to evacuate or shelter in place, do so immediately.
  • See Shelter In Place or Evacuation section for more information.
What To Do After A Hazardous Materials Incident
  • Do not return to the evacuated area until authorities say it is safe.
  • Persons or property exposed to hazardous materials may be contaminated.
  • If a hazardous material has contaminated you, seek medical help immediately (call 9-1-1).
  • Follow decontamination instructions given by authorities to clean up property or the environment.
  • Listen to 1610 AM within the immediate area of the incident, or listen to commercial radio and television broadcasts for further instructions.
  • Continue to listen for information and instructions until officials give the "all clear."
  • After the "ALL CLEAR" is given, open doors and windows to ventilate if necessary.