National Disaster Interfaiths Network


In May 2011, the National Disaster Interfaiths Network launched its Be A Ready Congregation campaign. Key to this campaign are the NDIN "Disaster Tip Sheets for U.S. Religious Leaders." Each Tip Sheet offers religious leaders in the U.S. all-hazards best practices and resource links about disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery – specifically of relevance to religious leaders, faith communities and faith-based organizations.

This material is being used with the permission of the National Disaster Interfaiths Network. Check out their website HERE , and remember to sign up for free newsletters and information from the National Disaster Interfaiths Network HERE.

National Disaster Interfaiths Network Tip Sheets
01 - Disaster Basics for Faith Communities (size: 161kb)
02 - The Disaster Lifecycle: Where Do Religious Leaders Fit In? (size: 212kb)
03 - The Role of Faith Communities in Disasters (size: 182kb)
04 - How to Use Your House of Worship in a Disaster (size: 198kb)
05 - Disaster Backlash: Bias Crimes & Mitigation (size: 155kb)
06 - Continuity of Operations Planning (size: 143kb)
07 - Self-Care for Religious Leaders (size: 219kb)
08 - Disaster Spiritual Care (size: 148kb)
09 - Faith Communities & Disaster Mental Health (size: 148kb)
10 - Trauma Resilience and Harm Reduction in the Community (size: 154kb)
11 - Faith Communities & Evacuation Planning (size: 146kb)
12 - Faith Communities & Disaster Sheltering (size: 139kb)
13 - Faith Communities & Disaster Volunteerism (size: 150kb)
14 - Faith Communities & Donations Management (size: 153kb)
15 - National Faith-Based Disaster Service Organizations (size: 136kb)