Sheltering in Place

Sheltering in place preparedness tips


Some emergency may require you to protect yourself either by evacuating the area or by immediately seeking shelter inside a building. If one of these actions is required, you will receive instructions through radio and television broadcasts.

What To Do If Sheltering In Place Is Necessary?

  • Bring all family members and pets inside the home.
  • Close and lock all doors and windows. Turn off all heating, cooling and ventilation systems including attic and window fans. Close dampers in fireplaces.
  • Everyone needs to go to a pre-designated shelter room. Place a combination of plastic and duct tape around all doors, windows and electrical outlets in that room.
  • Take your emergency-supply kit in room with you.
  • Listen to radio and television broadcasts for further instructions.
  • Do not leave your shelter area until local officials give an “ALL CLEAR.”
  • After the “ALL CLEAR” is given, opens doors and windows to ventilate.