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Performance Improvement

VAPStat Forum

Public Forum to Examine Data, Progress & Challenges Regarding Vacant, Abandoned Properties Across Louisville
The next VAPStat Public Forum will be held Tuesday, May 27th. The presentation can be viewed here.

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LouieStat Website
Visit the LouieStat website and see how we're helping city departments and agencies evaluate how well they are doing meeting their mission and goals and improving performance!

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Website
View the newly created website that features the strategic plan for Louisville and includes goals in job creation, public safety, neighborhood development, education and health.

Meet the Office of Performance Improvement Team
Click here to find out more about the people who work hard to help Louisville be the best managed city government in the country.

The Office of Performance Improvement (OPI) leads a culture of continuous improvement within Metro Government and our community at large with the goal of creating the best managed city government in the country. In pursuit of this goal, OPI helps Louisville Metro departments and agencies deliver high quality services to citizens in a cost-efficient and transparent manner.

We provide support for agencies through three core efforts:

  1. Strategic Planning – The Office of Performance Improvement’s role in Strategic Planning is to translate the Mayor’s multi-year vision and goals into a comprehensive strategic plan that cascades throughout Metro Government and aligns the strategic goals and initiatives of all Metro Departments and Agencies with the current Administration’s goals. OPI manages the Louisville Metro Planning Cycle, providing guidance to departments on planning milestones, plan preparation, development and execution.
  2. Performance Management – OPI is the business owner of a performance management program entitled, Louisville Statistics (abbreviated LouieStat). LouieStat brings individual Metro departments before the Mayor and his senior leadership team every six to eight weeks to identify and discuss, through consistent metrics tracking and data analysis, what the department (and Metro Government) can do to continually improve the services it delivers to the citizens of Louisville. In between LouieStat forums, OPI supports the department through management consulting, measurement identification, data analysis, performance reporting, training and coaching. OPI maintains the LouieStat website (, which communicates each LouieStat department’s performance to the public.
  3. Continuous Improvement Consulting and Training – OPI provides management consulting services to all of Louisville Metro Government. OPI staff facilitate cross-functional teams tasked with solving known problems, which span multiple departments or stakeholders within Metro Government. OPI offers training to Metro leadership, management and employees in continuous improvement methodologies including Lean, Plan-Do-Check-Act Problem Solving, and Six Sigma process improvement, as well as overall management best practices.