Vision, Mission & Objectives


Every Louisville Metro Government employee is an agent of change capable of using data and best-in-class management practices to create the best city government possible.


Our Mission is to help Louisville Metro Government become the best managed city government in the country. To achieve this goal we work to further develop the mindsets and capabilities of Metro employees and the plans, performance measures and processes of Metro departments required to continually improve.


  1. Provide answers to the following key questions:
    • What are the key services Metro Government performs?
    • How does Metro Government perform those services?
    • How well is Metro Government performing (and how do we know)?
    • What can Metro Government do to perform better?
  2. Cascade the enterprise plans and processes required for continuous improvement throughout Louisville Metro Government.
  3. Track and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) for each department and create a culture of data-driven decision making.
  4. Build the skills and capabilities of those we work with through effective coaching and training management.
  5. Address systemic challenges facing Louisville Metro Government and facilitate collaborative problem solving among appropriate stakeholders.