Office of Sustainability

Louisville to Develop Urban Heat Management Plan
Louisville Metro received $135,000 in private funding to complete the most comprehensive urban heat island assessment and heat management plan in the country.  Learn more.

Fairdale Library

Fairdale Library Receives Silver LEED certification 
The Fairdale Library became Louisville's second library to receive LEED certification for its use of green construction methods and materials. Learn more.

Planting new trees in Parkland

City Plants New Trees, Increases Tree Canopy 
Mayor Fischer announced several initiatives that are helping Louisville increase its tree canopy, which will green the community, reduce the urban heat island effect, and reduce the community’s carbon footprint. Learn more.

Larger Recycling Carts Available to All Residents
Residents in Louisville Metro are able to purchase 90-gallon recycling carts replacing the smaller bins. These larger carts encourage more recycling and less waste going to the landfill. Order here.

The Louisville Metro Office of Sustainability is proud to release the
Sustain Louisville 2013 Progress Report .

Welcome to Louisville Metro’s Office of Sustainability, where our mission is to embed sustainability into the culture of Louisville’s citizens while implementing a wide variety of projects and initiatives to influence behavior change.

Mayor Fischer created the Office of Sustainability to both enhance our quality of life now, and to create lasting environmental, economic and community vitality for both current and future generations of Louisville residents. The Office published the city’s first comprehensive sustainability plan, Sustain Louisville, in March 2013 which charts the course for Louisville to be among the greenest cities in the country.

The Office performs the following key functions:

Develop and implement a city-wide strategic sustainability plan as well as policies, programs and initiatives.

Coordinate and collaborate on community sustainability initiatives, including the realms of economic, social and environmental issues.

Establish public-private partnership opportunities toward achieving Louisville’s sustainability goals.

Create opportunities to spur economic development by attracting green industries and jobs.

Join us as we create a more sustainable Louisville and use this page as your guide to go green! An engaged and aware community is the most effective way to advance sustainability. Connect with other green organizations in the city, discover ways you can get involved, and learn about the progress we have already made and that we plan to make in Sustain Louisville.

Looking for a way to get started today? Here are some tips you can put into practice!

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